August 21, 2018

Office Reinstall

Office Reinstall – There are a number of reasons that make a user reinstall the Microsoft Office Software on their device. And the Microsoft Office Subscriptions are designed to install and reinstall many a time until the subscription lasts. You need to have the product key and Microsoft Office Account that you used to purchase and activate the office for the first time.

What is the Need for Microsoft Office Reinstall?

  • The current version of the Microsoft Office is showing error or issue. To resolve that error, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the Microsoft Office.
  • You are changing the device and you need to transfer the Microsoft Office Subscription to a new device.
  • Hard disk crashed and all data along with the Microsoft Office has removed. In such case, you must reinstall the Microsoft Office once the device is restored.
  • Some antivirus corrupted the device, you have to remove all the item, file and folder from the device and reinstall them to eliminate any risk.

These are some of the common reasons to perform Microsoft Office Reinstall. You could have a different issue or requirement to reinstall the Microsoft Office.

Prerequisites for Office Reinstall

Before you install or reinstall the Microsoft Office on your computer device, you must check that your system is compatible and ready to install a new software.

  • The Microsoft Office subscription is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • Check whether you have purchased a Windows Product or Mac Product. And install on the respective devices.
  • Furthermore, update the Operating System, if necessary. Also, complete all the system and application update before installing the Microsoft Office.
  • A high-speed internet connection is preferred for the download and installation purpose.
  • Make sure your device satisfies the minimum system requirement for the Microsoft Office product that you have purchased.

You must check this list of Microsoft Office Prerequisites List before performing the Office reinstall. Otherwise, you may face issue during the installation of the software. In case of any inconvenience, contact the Microsoft Office Support at the toll-free number and get an on-call technician.

office reinstall

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office – Office Reinstall

To start with the steps to reinstall the Microsoft Office, you must have the Microsoft Office Product Key and Microsoft Office Account. Then you can continue with the below steps.

  • Start by turning on your computer device and establishing a safe internet connection.
  • Launch a compatible web browser on your computer.
  • Then visit on your web browser.
  • Login to the Microsoft Office Account using your credentials.
  • Then click on My Account and choose from the products that you want to install.
  • Click on the Install/Download button adjacent to the Microsoft Office Product.
  • Then you can follow the steps depending on the Operating System.

If you are using Windows

  • Once the Microsoft Office Setup files are downloaded on your device, navigate to them.
  • Double-click on Microsoft Office Setup files as the Installer Wizard appears.
  • Then follow the instructions of the Wizard to complete the installation.
  • Now to activate the Microsoft Office applications, launch the MS Word.
  • The Activation pop-up will appear asking for the activation.
  • Choose any method and update the Microsoft Office to be able to use all the features of the subscription.

If you are using Mac

  • Once the Microsoft Office Setup files are downloaded on your Mac, navigate to it.
  • Double-click on the setup files and the installer will start.
  • Agree to the term and condition of the installer to continue the installation.
  • Then follow the instructions of the installer to complete the process.
  • To activate, sign in to the Microsoft office application using the sign in credentials.
  • Then you will be guided to activated the Office with instructions.

If you are facing any issue while following these steps then contact the Microsoft Office Support.

Issues with Office Reinstall – Microsoft Office Support

Some of our Microsoft Office users have reported some errors while downloading and installing the Office. If you are getting such errors then you may need the attention of a technician. To access the support from a technician, call the Office Support at the toll-free number. A skilled technician will then provide you with the solution to your issue or manually resolve the error using remote access. This support service is 24/7 available, Call Now.